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The Last Casino
Screenplay & Lyrics: John Carnell
Director: Steve Barron

Cuba, 1961. A young man is kidnapped and thrown into the sweatshop kitchen of the island's last casino.


When he discovers the floorshow’s leading performer is his captured childhood sweetheart, will he find a way to free them both?  

The Last Casino is a musical about staying true to yourself when you’re caught up in a battle between the American Mob, the Communists, and the CIA for the soul of your nation.


The Great Love
Screenplay: Colin Heber-Percy & Lyall Watson

Berlin, 1938.  When the Nazis arrest a gay actor his heartbroken composer boyfriend transforms their 'degenerate' relationship into a show about a goddess who falls in love with a mortal man - and breaks the laws of heaven.

But dare his theatre company put on the thinly disguised musical, given their leading lady is being pursued by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels?  And can she acknowledge her own great love in order to deliver the performance of a life-time?


The Great Love is a song-filled drama about discovering how much courage - and imagination - it takes to do the right thing. 


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