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The Last Casino
Screenplay/Lyrics: John Carnell
Director: Steve Barron

Cuba, 1961. A young man is kidnapped and thrown

into the sweatshop kitchen of the island's last casino.


When he discovers the floorshow’s leading performer is

his captured childhood sweetheart, can he find a way to free them both?  

The Last Casino is a musical about staying true to yourself when you’re caught up in a battle between the American Mob, the Communists, and the CIA for the soul of your nation.


The Great Love
Screenplay/Lyrics: Lyall Watson, Colin Heber-Percy & Elle de Vere
Composer: James McConnel

Berlin, 1938.  

Hans - a shy musical director for a revue theatre - is 

crushed when his boyfriend is arrested by the Gestapo.


Lotti - a narcissistic singer and rising movie star - is running out of time and ways to say 'no' to Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels.

Forced to work together on Hans' daring new musical, Hans and Lotti are plunged into a relationship that will either save, or destroy, them both. 


The Great Love is about the courage - and imagination - it takes to do the right thing.

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